The Top 5 Services Offered at Lopez Auto Repair

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable mechanics who overcharge for their services? Look no further than Lopez Auto Repair! Our team of skilled technicians offer a variety of top-notch services that will keep your car running smoothly. From routine maintenance to major repairs, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll be highlighting our top 5 most popular services so you can see why Lopez  Repair is the best choice for all your automotive needs. Keep reading to learn more!

Brake Lopez Auto Repair

At Lopez Auto Repair, we offer a variety of brake services to keep your car running safely and smoothly. From simple brake pad replacements to more complex repairs, our team is equipped to handle any issue you may be having.

If you’re experiencing any strange noises or vibrations coming from your brakes, it’s important to have them checked out as soon as possible. We’ll start by doing a visual inspection of your brakes to look for any obvious signs of wear or damage. Next, we’ll test your brakes to see how they’re performing. If we find that they’re not up to par, we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action.

Whether you need new brake pads, rotors, or calipers, we can help get your brakes back in working order. We only use the highest quality parts and our technicians are experts at completing brake repairs quickly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment with us today and rest assured that your car is in good hands.

Tire Rotation and Balancing

Many people don’t know that tire rotation and balancing is something that should be done on a regular basis. At Lopez  Repair, we recommend getting your tires rotated and balanced every 5,000 miles. This service helps to prolong the life of your tires and ensures that they wear evenly.

Rotating your tires is important because it allows each tire to evenly distribute the weight of the vehicle. This helps to prevent one tire from wearing down too quickly. Balancing your tires is also important because it helps to ensure a smooth ride. Unbalanced tires can cause vibrations that can be uncomfortable for passengers and damage other parts of the vehicle over time.

At Lopez  Repair, we offer a variety of different automotive services. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service so that their vehicles can continue to run smoothly. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

Transmission Flush

A transmission flush is a service offered at Lopez  Repair that involves draining the existing fluid from your vehicle’s transmission and replacing it with new fluid. This is beneficial because over time, transmission fluid can become dirty and contaminated, which can lead to issues such as reduced performance, gear shifting problems, and even complete failure. This service is recommended every 30,000 miles or so to keep your transmission in good working order.

Oil Change

If you own a car, you know that routine maintenance is key to keeping it running properly. One of the most important services your car needs is an oil change. Here at Lopez  Repair, we recommend getting your oil changed every 5,000 miles or so.

During an oil change, our experienced technicians will drain the old oil from your car and replace it with fresh, new oil. They will also check all of your car’s fluids and top them off if needed. This service is important because it helps keep your engine clean and running smoothly.

We use only high-quality oils and fluids at Lopez Auto Repair, so you can be sure your car is getting the best possible care. We also offer competitive pricing on all of our services, so you can get the care your car needs without breaking the bank.

Coolant Flush

If your car is low on coolant, or if you haven’t had a coolant flush in a while, it’s time to bring it into Lopez Auto Repair. We will drain the old coolant from your system and replace it with fresh, new coolant. This will help keep your engine running cool and prevent overheating.

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